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List of books on the environment and climate change that I have read and benefited from [2022] [Environment, Climate Change, Energy, Water Resources].

Hi there, it's Minami.

The year 2022 is already over. (This article, originally intended to be published during 2022, has passed.

I have been reading a few different books in 2022, and I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned this year related to climate change, the environment, and water resources.

I mostly read on my Kindle, so there is almost always a Kindle version. I highly recommend it to electronic people.

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Climate and Environment

ゼロからわかる天気と気象 (ニュートン別冊) ムック (Weather and Meteorology from Zero (Newton Bessatsu)– 2021/3/16

荒木 健太郎  (監修)

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This is really good.

This is another special edition version of that famous natural science book, Newton. This time I purchased a book on tipping points and weather.

I bought this because I wondered why and how rain and cloudiness occur in the first place, and I wondered if the information that is scattered all over the Internet could be summarized in a clean, solid medium.

The results, with pictures and clear explanations, are soooo good! It is indeed Newton.

I think I will continue to read it over and over again.

Even if you are not interested in the environment itself, you will enjoy reading this book if you wonder why clouds are in that shape? If you wonder why, you will enjoy reading this book.

図解入門 最新気象学のキホンがよーくわかる本[第3版] Kindle版(An Illustrated Introduction to the Latest Meteorology [3rd Edition] )

岩槻秀明  (著)  形式: Kindle版

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With this, you can really understand the basics! (As the title says)

I was interested in taking some meteorology exams, but I bought this one to learn the basics first.

While Newton's focus was on explaining events, I was able to learn about the equipment used to study the weather and other phenomena, as well as the scientific names given to specific events, which was a great learning experience from a different angle.

DRAWDOWN Kindle Edition

(2020/12/19)ポール・ホーケン (著)  形式: Kindle版

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When I meet people who are not in the environmental field, they often wonder how I can be so serious about the environment, so I bought these books so that I can explain (I'm sure it happens to you too...). LOL!

Very interesting. I haven't gotten through it yet, but even reading just the first half, there's a lot of info!

It may be especially good for those who have a lot of terms they are interested in and read the book while looking them up. One book will give you a taste of what it's like to be a Surume.

Introduction to Decarbonized Management: Competitiveness in the Era of Climate Change (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing) Kindle Edition 脱炭素経営入門 気候変動時代の競争力 (日本経済新聞出版) Kindle版

松尾雄介  (著)  形式: Kindle版

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The largest percentage of human factors related to climate change are basically caused by economic activities.

So I bought this one to see what the company's perspective is on the issue.

It is a fairly well-known book and may be a good introduction to the subject, so it may be a good educational tool.

The New Global Resource Map - Energy, Climate Change, and the Clash of Nations Kindle Edition新しい世界の資源地図―エネルギー・気候変動・国家の衝突 Kindle版

ダニエル・ヤーギン (著), 黒輪 篤嗣 (翻訳)  形式: Kindle版

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To obtain more sustainable energy and resources, we still need to narrow the acquisition from high-risk areas.

Risks include, for example, war, the fact that it is not clean to use that energy in the first place, and the fact that the machines used to harness the energy are not clean.

The book describes future changes in these countries, especially those that support the current foundation of our lives, divided largely into Russia, China, the Middle East, and the United States.


Illustrated EV Revolution: Once in a century business opportunity at a glance! (Mainichi Newspaper Publishing) Kindle Edition図解 EV革命 100年に1度のビジネスチャンスが一目瞭然! (毎日新聞出版) Kindle版

(2017/12/18)村沢 義久  (著)  形式: Kindle版

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I recently had some questions about EV systems, etc. that I didn't understand, so I thought I would read this and study it.

However, the energy that drives EVs and other clean energy vehicles is a field that is evolving moment by moment, and if you read too many old books on the subject, the information may be too old.

This one was released on 12/18/2017, but I bought it on Amazon's Kindle sale for the price of one candy bar level.

Water Resources

This year, I decided to study water resources from a scientific perspective (where I felt I was lacking the most) and focused on that.

Basic Civil Engineering Hydraulics (KS Science and Engineering Specialty Book)土木の基礎固め 水理学 (KS理工学専門書)

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It comes with practice questions.

I came here because I really don't understand Bernoulli's law.

Pictorial Time: Hydraulics (Revised 4th ed.)絵とき 水理学(改訂4版)

國澤正和 (著), 西田秀行 (著), 福山和夫 (著), 粟津清蔵 (監修)  形式: Kindle版

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This one has an old cover, but it's so damn clear!

It is very good because I can learn exactly what I wanted to know about hydraulics related knowledge with pictures. Recommendation. I read this one quite a few times.

The Science of Dams [Revised Edition] Uncovering the Unknown Secrets of Supergiant Structures (Science Eye Shinsho) Kindle Edition

(2019/12/16)一般社団法人ダム工学会 近畿・中部ワーキンググループ (著)  形式: Kindle版

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I have often used it to write articles about the dam system this year.


Revised Edition of Geoenvironmental Studies: Investigating, Analyzing, and Diagnosing the Earth's Environment (Earth Studies Series) Book - 3/3/2019改訂版 地球環境学: 地球環境を調査・分析・診断する (地球学シリーズ) 単行本 – 2019/3/3

Noritomo Matsuoka (Editor), Hiroshi Tanaka (Editor), Michiaki Sugita (Editor), & 2 others

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It includes a brief description of what methods are available for research, how far research has been done and which are the issues in this field.

The content may sound daunting, but it's pretty thin and easy to read!


Below are those that we hope you have had a chance to look over.


図解入門 よくわかる 最新 都市計画の基本と仕組み Kindle版 (Illustrated Introduction: Understanding the Basics and Mechanisms of City Planning Kindle Edition)

五十畑弘  (著)  形式: Kindle版

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This book does not seem to be directly related to the environment, but I bought it to study on that subject because I thought that indirectly, urban greening and other urban planning done by local governments are fundamentally doing it, right?

I've read many of the books in this illustrated introduction to the series, and I highly recommend it because the experts in each field, along with the editorial staff, describe them in the same style, making them very easy to read!

(I read a lot, especially when I was job hunting)

What literature did you find that intrigued you?

Personally, I also found a subscription to the Nikkei newspaper helpful. Climate change is now used in many places in business, so if you want to stay up-to-date, the Nikkei is also a great place to start.

Even if you don't buy it, you can read it at the library, or there is a Japanese-Japanese electronic version.

In a separate article, we also present about magazines where you can learn about the environment.

These are just a few of the various media available, so please make use of them to your own liking.

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