6 things you need to know in advance if you're going to have a home garden [growing on a balcony].

Hi everyone, this is Minami.
If you're a home gardener and you're having trouble with your plants and they're dying... Are you there?
I was the same way at first. But I was thinking about how to keep my mind from failing in gardening while making mistakes and
. I've learned what kind of things you need to know to make your cultivation work.
In this article, I'd like to share six such knowledge with you.

1: Not all seeds germinate.

First of all, not all seeds grow when they are starved.
It is possible to sow 20 seeds and only 4 sprouted.... Isn't it?
On the back of the seed packages sold at 100 shops and home improvement stores, there is basically It contains data on germination rates.
(The way it is labeled is, for example, "50-70% germination rate").
The germination rate also depends on the type of seeds and vegetables. If you don't want to make mistakes and you don't have a particular type of seed you want to grow, start with the ones with the highest germination rate. Why don't you try growing them?
After all, I think it is more fun at first to grow the ones with high germination rate first.
By the way, in my case, the germination rate of the 20 days daikon is terrible. All the seeds I planted sprouted.
Beets also have a high germination rate and I thought "I planted too many of them again".

2: There are planters that store water for you, so if you're sloppy, buy that.

Do you think all planters (potted plants) are the same? It's different. In fact, if you look for it, you can save water, and if you forget to water it, the plant will absorb the water from there on its own.

There are some planters that are very popular.

If you buy one at a 100-yen shop, you won't find such a planter, but you can find one at a home center or on the internet It is sold at such places as
I'm currently using it for raspberries (I originally used it to grow tomatoes). I often forget to mention that the planters I put in here are the only ones that grow well. If you're curious, you can check out here.

3: Water twice a day, early in the morning and at night in hot weather, such as summer.

Plants are surprisingly susceptible to heat.
Especially in summer, the soil dries up more quickly than you think, so you need to water twice instead of once. Let's do it.
And why night and morning instead of hotter times during the day?
That's because when the temperature is high, the water you watered will boil and the plants will boil. It is a very good idea.
I was watering at about 9:00 in the morning (in summer, it's already hot) without knowing about this at first. I didn't grow much if I did.
If you don't like to get up early, water your hands liberally at night when you get home. It's also effective early in the morning.

Most farmers also wake up early in the morning to work as an image, right? This is because of these reasons.

4: Poor drainage will cause the roots to rot and die.

As for water (especially when growing on a balcony with potted plants)

Drain well. In order to do this, you should buy limestone or other materials. If you have a garden or field in your house, you don't need to worry about rotting value because the water will run down to the lower levels. It is not.
You can buy them on the internet or at home centers.

You can also buy them at 100-yen stores.

They also have a good drainage stone, but personally I don't want to spend a lot of money on this. I think.
I also use cheap limestone that I bought partly from a 100-yen store, but I haven't had any problems with it until now. not.
Poor drainage will cause the roots to rot and the plant to die.

5: If you don't like to eat food, which plants do not attract insects? Find out how to keep the bugs out.

Plants that can be eaten usually get bugs. It's unfortunate news, but the reality is this.
The quickest way to get rid of the bugs is to use pesticides or something like that, but I personally have been working on my vegetable garden. I don't want to use pesticides until the end of the year. If you use pesticides, you can solve this problem at once, but even if you use pesticides, there will be more and more problems. Purchase costs, and the loss of the chance to grow home grown, pesticide-free vegetables. I don't think so.
So if you don't like insects, you can try to cover them with a net or try indoor hydroponics. Let's see.
By the way, I said, "If you have thin leeks on your balcony, you can always have them as a topping for udon noodles and other Japanese food. I can do it and I want it..." I once planted a leek with roots, but after three days I remember the first time I was covered with black aphids.
At that time, I really shuddered at the thought that so many insects could come here in one day.

Currently still I'm growing raspberries, but they look like miniature beetles! The insects, called black keshi-tub chookkiri, which are shaped like the black keshi-tub chookkiri, came in large numbers last year and I caught them one by one. I dedicated all my summer morning activities to them. It really takes time...

6: Fruits are trees, so they take several years to grow.

Fruits are the ones I want to eat the most. Eh, don't you think?
At least I want to eat it. Because they are very expensive at the supermarket.
And, relatively speaking, if you buy lemons, avocados, apples, etc. at the supermarket, they have seeds on them. If you plant them dry as they are, they will usually grow (to be more specific, each species has a different germination method). (see below)

Lemons and limes can be grown in pots because they produce trees in small sizes, but Avocados and apples are difficult to grow into large trees, so it's difficult if you don't have a garden or field.
(By the way, Mexico is famous for its avocadoes, and although Spanish is spoken in Mexico, the wrong word is avocado. Don't just call it an avocado in the local language. It means lawyer (abogado) in Spanish. (It's called aguacate in Spanish in Mexico, so be sure to keep that in mind when you go!
Growing on a balcony is not something you know when you're going to move, especially when you have to move. Even if you do move, it's quite bulky.
. Keep those things in mind as you grow!

What did you think?
If you've been thinking about trying a home garden or balcony growing, please take a look at the above and give it a try.