I've been to the EcoPro exhibition, 2019! 

Hi there, it's Minami.

Have you ever heard of the Eco-Pro Exhibition? It's a big event that brings together eco-friendly business organizations once a year.

This time, in 2019, we went to Odaiba!

What is the Eco-Pro Exhibition?

Eco-Pro Exhibitionis an abbreviation for Eco-Products, one of the largest eco-related events in Japan.

It is held every year in December at Tokyo Big Sight.

It seems to take place in early December every year.

The history is still young...but it seems that they have been doing it since 1999.

But apparently it was under the full name Eco-Products Exhibition until 2016.

It's probably a relatively new event that takes place every year at Odaiba's Big Sight, but it doesn't rent out the entire building like Comiket does.

At that time, Infratec and disaster-related events were also being held at the same time.

Admission can be pre-registered or you can register at the booth on the day of the event to enter. Pre-registration is recommended if you want to get into the game smoothly. Admission is open to men and women of all ages with no restrictions.

That's how much interest in eco-friendly products has been growing in recent years!

Even the eco-hotel booth with giveaways! What's on display?

The exhibitors range from public organizations to large corporations, small NGOs and NPOs.

Many of the booths actually display, sell, and introduce their eco-friendly products, just like the "products" at the exhibition.

The one I personally found interesting was this oneSuper Hotel" Booth. They had a booth as an eco-hotel.

When I looked into it, I found out that guests who took the eco-friendly way of staying were rewarded withエコひいき!

They offer a discount for those who take an eco-friendly way of staying. For example, if you bring your own toiletries such as a toothbrush, the hotel will use less consumables and reduce the burden.

I thought it was a lovely initiative with a cute name!

This is where I participated in a lottery where you can draw once by following SNS. The best prize is a hotel room voucher. I want a day that's extraordinary! I thought so, was water. Even water would be greatly appreciated.

By the way,

There were a wide variety of other booths, depending on the companies and exhibitors.

There is also space food in this place. Does space food have anything to do with eco-eating...?

I googled it, but I couldn't really understand it. If you know more, please let me know.

Of course, there was also a lot of eco-wrap that you might first think of when you hear of eco-products, and eco-friendly toothbrushes made of bamboo.

Multi-use eco-wrap made of wax instead of plastic.

I thought they had a lot of ideas for things like down without animal feathers.

You'll hear from some of the most influential companies, organizations and celebrities on a special stage!

In addition, there was a special stage that used part of the venue.

This is a so-called lecture hall. The speakers mentioned in the program will introduce the efforts of each company or organization.

Especially for popular presenters and companies, it's very crowded.

Especially for popular presenters and companies, it's very crowded.

What kind of people are going to be there?

To be honest, there aren't that many ordinary people who are interested in eco-products yet.

Surprisingly, there were a lot of students, though I thought the only people who came were working people. People in the city are envious to be able to have such a social field trip.

We also gathered people who think about ecology and the environment as a part of their daily lives, such as doctoral and master's students who are doing research and business related to the environment.

There were a lot of working people who came because we were doing it on a weekday, but it might be difficult for the public to know about it. In the first place, I think the target audience is business people related to eco-products, so I think that's good, but there were a lot of exhibits that even the average person would be interested in, so I would have liked to see more people from the general public.


There were many eco-friendly products at the venue, but there were also some contradictions.

Paper consumption for large amounts of maps and flyers, plastic and packaging that is too clean...

In some of the exhibits, I felt a bit of a gap from the "eco" that really eco people are looking for.

in the end

How was the article?
The Eco-Products exhibition was the first name, butEco-Prois a new event that began last year in 2018. As awareness of climate change and the environment is increasing worldwide, these events may become major events in the future.
If you don't specialize in the environment or just want to have fun?!, It was also a good event for you.

Next year's event will be held from November 26-28.

If you're interested, or interested even in exhibiting, why don't you make a plan to go there? It's a chance to meet people who are working at the boundary and get to know various items!