[Climate Change] Who is Greta Toonberg, the girl in the news these days? [Strike]

Hi there, it's Minami.

I'm sure you've all seen this woman in the news.

This was just recently, September 23, 2019. She, Greta Thunberg, attended the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York City. He expressed his anger at adults who are not taking global warming seriously.

She makes the real point that she wanted to say to the adults from the bottom of her heart, and the video takes my breath away.

Let's take a look at who this woman is and what impact she has had on the world and what we need to think about.

From his upbringing to becoming an environmental activist

Her name is Greta Ernman Thunberg, born in 2003, she is an environmental activist, born and living in Sweden, and is now 16 years old.

She has had questions about climate change since she was eight years old.

She also explains the importance of climate change to his family and asks them not to eat meat from cows and other animals that emit large amounts of methane gas and contribute to global warming.

When she turned 15, she started sitting alone every Friday at school in front of the Swedish parliament building, calling for action to be taken on climate change.

This has led to environmental strikes and marches on the same day all over the world, mainly by young people who share her ideas.

It's probably not until this year, 2019, that the activity has become particularly active in Japan.

She, incidentally, has announced on social media and other sites that she has Asperger's, and she herself has this she doesn't feel self-conscious about this. Rather, I'm proud of it. If it weren't for Asperger's, she wouldn't have been able to be so committed to climate change. He also said.

As she said in UN's speech above, she also said that she should have been attending school in Sweden, and that she wishes she didn't have to come to a conference like this to give a speech.

From this, you can see that she doesn't really mean what she says in her speech. She's also not desecrating the process of growing up, which is currently common knowledge, but essentially There's a sense of urgency that the world won't change unless we appeal to them in this way You remember.

Numerous speeches at world conferences

After all, it first became a household name in Europe from the rise of the media in 2015.

A number of Europeans are already going vegan for the sake of environmental conservation.

She has given many speeches on climate change in Europe and in the United States, mainly in Europe, before a large number of experts and voters, including the United Nations.

In the speech above, she blames the adults who are focused solely on growing the economy. I'd love for you to watch her speech in its entirety for more details.

The U.N.'s speech last year has some useful things to say, even if you're not that interested in climate change.

'Everyone says it doesn't matter what you do in Sweden, the land of the living, it's pointless. But I've learned that size doesn't matter when it comes to making a difference.

This is truly a very compelling speech, one girl represented by one girl, and the world responded and made a difference.

And I don't fly. I sail.

Her actions on how to mitigate climate change are thorough.

As expected, Greta has become world-famous since the media began to cover her work this year, and she has been invited to speak on behalf of young people at major environmental conferences around the world.

So that's how she gets out of the country, but she doesn't use airplanes.

I was also shocked by this because being able to travel by anything other than airplanes wasn't an idea in itself.

The reason is that using airplanes produces a ridiculously high amount of CO2 emissions.

I am amazed at how thorough she is, going for days on a yacht.

I don't think many people can imitate the idea of traveling on a yacht instead of a plane at this point, due to time and other reasons, such as economics, but I still think her actions are consistent and compelling.

And in response to her, there were calls for global climate change reform.

Her movement against climate change has spread around the world.

There have been several climate change marches around the world, but the most recent one, the largest The demo was a #Fridaysforfuture demonstration on September 20, 2019, where she The event was attended by "millions," he said. This was just in time to coincide with a speech Mr. Greta gave the other day. Indeed, it's said that around 300,000 people attended the event in Australia alone, so the figure is I don't think it's a mistake.

It would have been a major activity in Japan, where there have been no large scale demonstrations in recent years, with about 5,000 people participating in six cities from Tohoku to Kyushu.

Of course, there are many people from Japan who are participating in this movement, not only young people.

About the activities in Japan, you can seeClicking here. Please refer to this for a record of our participation in Tokyo.

In fact, German Chancellor Merkel has pledged to be more engaged in the fight against climate change. The investment is a whopping 6.42 trillion yen. The world will certainly be affected by her actions, and the subsequent actions of all of you, especially the young people, and I would say that there is.

The point here is not that we want you to follow what she says or what she does, but that Greta is a researcher The part where you want them to listen to you. After all, the researchers are more accurate in their correct knowledge.

She understands these situations calmly, but does what she can to represent the youth in her own way.

The one thing we should learn from her is that we shouldn't take it as someone else's business.

Although it is mainly the islands and other countries that are affected by climate change, many of the countries that are responsible for causing it are the developed countries that control the world's industry and other industries.

First of all, it may not be very realistic, since we rarely have the opportunity to meet people from the islands in the first place.

But I think we're all already starting to feel that we have to do something about climate change.

What can you actually do? What do we need to do to prepare for a less-than-realistic future? I think so.

First, have fun and find out.

It's really important to have fun. You can save money by using eco-friendly bags and using water bottles instead of plastic bottles.

First of all, please look for what ideas you have.

How did you like the article?

If you act differently, you may meet and discover something unexpected.

Hopefully, a future where these marches will not be needed and fewer people will be affected by climate change-based disasters and the like.

This requires a strong willingness to insist on doing the right thing, even if it smokes you. You are doing the right thing, and you all need to be confident that you are doing the right thing.

What will you all be doing now?

I'll continue to do my best to provide you with new insights and ideas on this site!

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