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【MyMizu】You can find many places where you can drink free water! Let's use an usefull app

Hi there, it's Minami.

How much money do you spend money a day for something to drink?

When you do a picnic or play sports, I imagine that you have wondered if it's possible to use less money or keep baggage to a minimum as much as possible for the beverage.

Today, I would like to share about an usefull app "MyMizu" that you can use in such situations.

What is MyMizu?

MyMizuisJapan's first applicationto find water refill stations.

You can use it in both English or Japanese.

The great part is that you can find worldwide water stations, then you can use this app even if you live in other countries or traveling oveaseas!

It's general functions are "to find places you can refill or drink water" and "add places you can refill or drink water on the map" for free.

You can find the water refill stations viewing the marked map. The chart is similar to Google Maps and it's not only a Japan's map, but it's a world map.

This application is loanched on this september. It's still quite new, though it can be a new tool that can even change the consumptional circumstance.

How to use? Here's how I did

I also had an opportunity to use it, then I did. Let me show you one case in Tokyo.


If you press the botton of water station nearby, you'll find a botton to get directions. In this case, This station is added by an user.

It's easy to use. You only have to go to the indicated place just like Google Maps.

At the same time, you can also find how to go from where you are to the station.

Just wondering if there's a real authentic water refill station near the train station.

Does this really exist...?

I didn't remember if I have seen any water refill stations before near the stations. I was walking with a bit of insecurity, then...


There it is!

What a cute water refill station. I became happy just by discovering it.

I could find it by going through a road I had never been to before. Of course it takes a little time, but doing something new seems to be good for your brain. If you look at the map, there is always one near the popular station in Tokyo, so you can find it even if you look for it without any previous plans.

Add new water stations you could find out

If you find some new water refill stations and they are not in the map, you can add pins in the map of the application.

Write the address where you were. People who use the function to add location information to photos don't have to do anything. It's automatically filled out, so just check here and continue.

There is a water station inside the train station, so I took a picture and send the organizers as an evidence

Describe where it is specifically. I write it "in concourse" because it was there.

Actually, I had searched for another water station elsewhere, but I couldn't find it even though there was a water station mark in one corner of Akihabara. Probably it was in the square, but the location of the added water station and the actual location may have been slightly off.

It may be difficult to find if it's in some train stations. I think it's easier to understand if the app can have more details and photos. Let's stay tuned for future updates.

The app is has everything good

If you can save money and it's ecology, you can't wait to have your own bottle.

I've been using a water bottle from the front because I haven't been very particular about drinks to save money for a long time, but I have no need to have more than two water bottles if I go out with this app. I really appreciate it!

If it is water, if you draw water at a water supply station where cold water comes out, you can taste the refreshing feeling as if you bought it now.



If you have a store, registering will increase the number of customers

If you have a restaurant or other store, you can use your own store as a water supply point in the app, and users will find your place in the app.

There may be considerable demand especially in areas where there are many people and people walking. Participating in this innovation is just a plus.

In this way, you can register by pressing the join us button below the app.

Of course, you can put it in an empty plastic bottle, but it would be even more convenient if you brought a water bottle from your house.

Recent water bottles are just cute and have good functions.

How about going out with such a water bottle? Carry one with your favorite color from many color variations. It'll exite your days.

How did you like?

Drinks are absolutely necessary when you are working or acting outside. How efficient would it be if you could supply water for such a thing without spending money!

The mymizu app is currently only available for iOS, but hope it will support Android in the future.

The service has just started, so let's raise it up! The installation of this app is highly recommended.

The number of water stations increases with the power of users every day. Officialinstagramstories tells us about new water stations. Besides twitterandfacebook, so if you are interested, follow them.

It's just another organization, butRefill Japanfacebook page also introduces places with water stations in Tokyo, so if you have only Facebook, why not follow this?

Please recommend it to your family and friends!

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