Why did I start a vegetable garden?

Hi there, it's Minami.

I'm sure many of you have started a vegetable garden during the period of restraint.

Do you think "vegetable gardening is a bother"? I started 1-2 years before Corona, and the benefits are good for the mental and physical health of There are many!

I'd like to share with you some of the points I've found beneficial from a personal point of view that could push you to start a vegetable garden, if you're thinking about starting a home garden!

1) I wanted something unusual to eat.

I want that dish I had abroad! But... the ingredients aren't in any supermarket!

Has that ever happened to you?

You may be able to get some of the ingredients sent directly from the farmer, but the shipping costs are quite high! I know, right? (Of course, they're professionally grown vegetables, so they're guaranteed to be delicious...)

Then. there is a gardening.

You can get a seed for about 300 yen.

If you have a home garden, you can make it even when you want a small amount.

If you buy them, you get a discount if you buy a lot, or sometimes they aren't sold in bulk.

This is the solution to such problems.

(2) I want to eat fresh food all the time.

Have you ever had the problem of always letting things go bad in the fridge because you live alone?

I was.

I was always thinking, "It's a bother to make a lot of food every day, so why not make a lot of food at once and consume it little by little"... I would make more food than I could fit in the fridge, and I would get bored of eating too much food every day, which led to more food loss.

Food loss is not easy to deal with, both financially and in good conscience.

So, it's a home garden, folks.

You can peel lettuce, for example, in the home garden, and whenever you want to eat it, you can tear it up, wash it fresh, and eat it!

I used to waste a lot of vegetables, especially for salads because I couldn't easily consume all of them, so my vegetable garden has helped me not feel like I'm wasting money and I'm less likely to buy extra food.

I recommend this home garden especially for those living alone, but I also recommend it for couples and other small families It is. It's difficult to cook for a number of people, isn't it?

(3) I just wanted green.

This. The third reason is that I wanted greenery in the room.

The presence of greenery can be relaxing.

Don't you think it's better to have greenery when you work in an office?

Home gardening isn't just about eating yourself, it's relaxing just to have nature around you.

I feel more comfortable with some creature in my living space.

Plants are still living things, too.

(4) A sense of nurturing -> You will have a well-regulated life!

Fourth, it's a bit of a "I want some kind of critter in my home" thing.

Dogs and other pets are hard to raise, and if you live in an apartment complex, it's quite unrealistic.

Yeah. That's where the vegetable garden is.

I sometimes wake up looking forward to it. As a result, they make me live a regular life.

It's fun to watch them grow.

I look forward to it every day, especially when it comes to fruiting. When the flowers are in bloom, they also change from day to day, and I wonder if they are not healthy. Then I'll turn up the water... or so I think.

(5) Learning to appreciate insects.

One of the hardest parts of home gardening, bugs!

I think there are many people who don't like bugs.

When I lived in my parents' country home, ignorance was my friend! level, but I haven't had that kind of contact lately, and my concept of coexistence with the insects has diminished.

However, I realized again the magnitude of the insects' presence when I first started gardening by myself.

In particular, I am personally most grateful for the bees.

First of all, I'm growing blueberries, and if the bees don't come, they won't pollinate first.

Of course you can pollinate them by yourself,'s very difficult to do it one by one with a cotton swab.

If the bees come, it will be all at once.

Oh, and of course, the pests will come, too.

But if the beneficial insects can also come to you, you won't have so many problems.

Spiders and ladybugs often eat pests, too.

By the way.

Now, biodiversity is being lost, threatening bees and other insects and other creatures.

About the Nagoya Protocol to Protect Such Biodiversity There is an article that summarizes it, so if you have time, please read it.

How was the article?

How was your experience?

Especially when you live alone, you should have a vegetable garden.

I didn't say that a home garden of any kind is good for the economy because it takes a lot of work, but I think there are more benefits to it than that.

To make your home space even more comfortable, why not start a vegetable garden?

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