Climate Reality Leadership Tokyo Corps Training - Learning about climate change from former US Vice President

Hi there, it's Minami.

Recently, in June 2020, former U.S. President Al Gore posted an online "CLIMATE REALITY LEADERSHIP TOKYO CORPS TRAINING" will be held.

The dates are about a week from June 18-26. It's a long period of time, but at the moment in Corona, if you attend a certain number of sessions of your choice, you'll receive a certificate of participation system.

I was lucky enough to get to know them when they had their first in-person event in Tokyo + the timing was right!

There are many people who are interested in the environment, including those who are interested in a sustainable society.

There! As one of the participants of the Tokyo training, I was impressed by the fact that it is not listed on the official website a little bit It's hard to do that lightly, isn't it, only on a point or here? I'm here to introduce you to the fact that!

What is Climate Reality Leadership Corps training?

"Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training"... I'm sure many of you are already thinking, yes. Training environmental leaders led by former US Vice President Al Gore, now famous as an environmental activist, former US Vice President Al Gore. This is training to do.

This is a long name, isn't it?

I agree.

The event took place over two days in Tokyo.

For a detailed day-by-day report, please visit here and Day 2 is here.

In brief, the training is designed to bring together young people and others who have an awareness of environmental and climate change issues to develop the next generation of leaders.

This is a very comprehensive training, from Al Gore's own method of presentation, which can be learned from the popular documentary An Inconvenient Truth, to listening to the opinions and presentations of writing environment workers, to discussing and making connections with other participants so that they can move on to the next action.

Tokyo's first training event will be so popular that many people were omitted from the lottery.

Participants included, of course, people who were called upon internally by organizations and companies engaged in environmental and climate change countermeasures, as well as people who saw an ad on the Internet and clicked the participate button.

By the way, I saw a big ad on Facebook a few times, so I got curious and applied for it. I did. It said it was a lottery, so if you win, you can participate and become the chosen Mr. Gaze.

I had a few friends who were also very interested in the environment, so I invited them, but to my surprise, my friend was drawn! I was removed from the

It's a shame, because I wanted to join in and learn with you.

Well, you never get a single chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, even if you don't get selected for the lottery once, please don't give up. If you keep applying, you'll win. You'll be lucky if you win!

Speakers range from former U.S. Vice President to someone active in Japan.

It's not often that you get the chance to meet so many of the pioneers of the ring boundary!

Moreover, this year's conference was not only for environmental researchers, but also for people who are actually working on environmental initiatives in their companies and trying to make changes in their communities... It would be a misnomer to say that almost all genres of people were invited to participate.

The main speakers ranged from former Vice President Al Gore, one of the organizers, to environmental experts, to corporate environmentalists who are actually trying to reduce the environmental impact at the economic level, to ministries and agencies, and even the governor of Tokyo, who is working on a local government initiative!

Isn't it too gorgeous?

Although we often have the opportunity to hear about success stories from overseas, it is rare to hear people from such a wide range of fields come together to talk about Japan's success stories and environmental initiatives at the same time.

I didn't know that people from these companies were doing so well by participating here!

This is the kind of person in the local area that worked hard! There were many discoveries and learnings such as

If you'd like to see who actually came, there are more details about each day's report We hope you will take a look at it (Day 1 and Day 2).

Tables meet with people of similar professions and conditions.

Why? Wouldn't it be better to meet people and make lots of connections?

You think, don't you?

Honestly, I don't know who I would interact with out of 800 people if I only had two days. It's very unrealistic to make a decision like that.

I honestly thought there were too many people there. LOL.

So, the Climate Reality office staff divided the tables in the occupation section of the application process.

You might think that this is just because we're in the same situation, that we're easy to talk to.

In fact, the reason for this is to help you take action in your own life by getting to know people who are interested in the environment in the same situation through training.

If you were a student, you can do student events, volunteer work, clubs, and companies planning their next product....

Everything is a sustainable space

The next great thing is the creation of this training environment. What's amazing is how thorough it is.

All events are held with great care to avoid high environmental impact.

First, drinks.

Participants were encouraged to bring their own basic rice bottles for drinks. And the rate of bringing it was high! LOL!

This kind of thing can feel a bit contradictory at domestic events, but here's the thing

There were caterers at the venue, so food was provided, but to my surprise, it was vegan food too!

And it's not just vegetables, it's cooked properly. And it's all solidly delicious!

I can imagine vegan sushi or something like that, but it's sautéed mushrooms or vegan cheese. It was rice and everything else was delicious, anyway!

Once you've joined, you can get a certificate and a community in.

You will receive a certificate for your participation and a badge for being a green-trained testimony after you successfully complete the daily training.

I also wear it when I wear a suit. It's definitely a hot topic of conversation for people I don't know. In fact, the people I meet for environmental purposes will say, "I have one too! There have been a few times when we have been able to talk about Thanks Badge!

Another very nice place to go is to get into the community.

After the training is complete, you can add reality hub. You can.

reality hub is a place where people who have completed their training can find platform, where you can interact with those who have completed the training, and what actions you took after the training. or sharing.

It would be nice to participate in the event just for this purpose.

It's pretty nice to have a place to socialize like this after it's over!

And of course, those who have completed the training are not only in Japan, but also in the United States and around the world. You'll be connected!

Look at all the activity around you to inspire and give!

Use social networking sites too!

The more social networking sites you use, the more chances you have to get involved with people in different industries!

Climate change and the environment is a topic that affects everyone in a big way, and that's why there are so many different people who come together.

On Twitter, if you add a hashtag of "#leadonclimate" and tweet during the period, you can find the post of the participant and make a connection.

That's actually how I was able to connect with people I wouldn't have been able to meet at the event!

How was the article?

I didn't have many friends around me to talk about climate change, but I was able to go and see it. I realized that there were a lot of people who had the same problems as I had expected, and at the same time, there were a lot of I've met and made friends with some of the best people in the world. I'm sure there will be more training sessions in Tokyo in the future, so if you're interested in joining the official facebook,Follow me on twitter and so on Isn't it? Translated with (free version)