Student organizations that are actively involved in the environment and human rights are amazing

Hi there, it's Minami.

Lately, don't you see more and more student-led events on Facebook, etc.?

The other day, I attended an environmental event.

What kind of events are student organizations holding this time? What kind of activities are you doing as a whole? I'd like to write about my own experience of this.

Attend a sustainable film screening!

Here's why I joined this time. Movie night!

But it's not just any movie. It's a sustainable-related film.

I was shown a very good movie.

This time we saw "Climate Warrior".

Let me tell you something.

Climate Warriors are climate change activists working to stop climate change, stop pollution and preserve our beautiful planet.配給元サイトより抜粋)

The content seems to have been created with the hope that people will become interested in the environment rather than those who are already interested in it.

I hope you will take a look at it.

Mr. Sonoki, the former president of the NGO "Tier Pflanze", started this event when he was an intern at United People, Inc.

After the documentary viewing, everyone had a chance to talk and exchange opinions and ideas with each other.

A place to make connections with like-minded people

I think this is a big advantage of every event, but when you do something with people you don't know at every event, you make new connections and, of course, make discoveries.

This kind of thing seems to cause an unexpected chemical reaction.

Since this is a screening, we don't have to worry about not being able to keep up with the conversation, just share what we learned and thought from watching the documentary.

Still, knowledge can be fully absorbed from watching a documentary, and

In my case, I've been able to absorb a lot of ideas and knowledge, if not as far as chemistry, this time around!

More than anything else, I had no idea that there are so many young people running various NGOs and organizations in the environmental field alone. I was overwhelmed.

By the way, I think there were a lot of college students this time.

There were many people who are working hard in the local area of FFF (Friday's for Future) and people who are not involved in the environment due to their work but are personally interested in it.

The theme of the environment and ecology is a very important topic for all human beings, so I think it's a strong point that people of relatively different attributes get together.

That's it for this edition of the event. But...

Unfortunately, the film screening itself seemed to be the last time.

However, since their own activities are centered on sustainability, they are broadening their horizons in many ways.

They operate "NGO Tier Pflanze".

In the past, Mr. Sonoki, who was running this one, delegated the responsibility to another person.

The objective of this NGO is to reduce the unreasonable loss of life and to create a world where animals, plants and humans can coexist in harmony, and to promote animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Our main activities include the "Student Nature Conference," which invites guest speakers and provides a venue for lectures and discussions, and the "Sustainable Theater," which airs a sustainable documentary film, although it has come to an end this time.

For university students who want to do environmental and animal conservation, the company is developing the "Swansong Project," which supports first- and second-year students in self-analysis, life planning, and planning so that they can make their dreams come true.

From now on,NGO Tier Pflanzewill continue to work tirelessly with the other organizations I'm about to introduce!

Activities to create a world in which plants, animals and humans coexist

Mr. Sonoki, the former head of the NGO Tier Pflanze, has now established a new organization and is actively involved in its activities.

Since he was the co-chairman of TierPflanze, he delegated it to another representative, and now he is the only representative of Earcivil.

Amazingly, that Earcivil is also amazing.

They even seem to be coaching students to help them with self-appeal to get the most out of them.

Of course, working people and above are allowed, but for students, only one cup of coffee is allowed!

Don't you think this is an interesting project? If I was still a student, I would have liked to have been able to use it...

And now he is involved in a new project.

This isUniversity of Creativity

Hakuhodo will be opening this summer, and Sonoki-san is cooperating with the project.

The University of Creativity is an emergent platform for researching and experimenting with creativity as a technology for future creation, transcending generations, occupations, industry, government, and academia.

They will also be involved in film screenings like the one at the Sustainable Theatre, which ended this year. If you're interested, this is a must-see.

How was the article?

The good thing about the event is that it's an almost unpaid gathering of genuinely high-minded people, and you get the chance to meet not only the event itself, but also some interesting people.

I would like to support them and many other youth-organized organizations and small organizations in their efforts to be sustainable in the future.
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